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This print is perfect for your dining room, living room, staircase, hallway, and anywhere else your eyes can reach! Whether you’re looking for something to bring new life to a room, or you’re searching for a guaranteed conversation starter, this set has you covered. The print has dimensions of 12" x 9" (w x h) and a frame is not included. A reproduction expert handled the original art and Giclee printing; A Giclee is an individually produced, high-resolution reproduction printed on archival paper or canvas. Prints are limited to 50 and you can find the numbering on bottom-left corner of the prints. Every print is individually signed front and back.


Autumn Leaves – Fallen maple and oak leaves make a beautiful carpet in Fall. The beauty of nature makes you happy and relaxes you just by looking at it!


*Add cards of your favorite art! Share the art with your friends and family by sharing thoughtful sentiments. Total 4 cards of matching art of prints will be included.

Autumn Leaves - Limited Edition Print