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This art was selected for the De Young Open juried exhibition. Original art was displayed in the De Young Museum from September 30th, 2023 to January 7th, 2024. 


Art Created: 2021

Medium: Colored Pencils on Paper

Size: 14"x11"

Frame is not included.



  • Hojacdo, 2021

In the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, this style of art, known as “Hojacdo” [hoʊ dʒɑːk doʊ] was gifted by people to friends and neighbors to wish them well-being and luck for the New Year. Each subjects symbolized different thing - The tiger: the defeat of all the bad spirits, The magpie: a messenger of good luck, The pine tree: longevity. Featuring all of them together in the painting and hung on the front door made people feel safe and protected.


* Additional $150 - Customized frame with matting and museum quality glass 


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