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This art was selected for the De Young Open juried exhibition. Original art was displayed in the De Young Museum from October 10th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021. 


Art Created: 2020

Medium: Colored Pencils on Paper

Size: 14"x11"

Frame is not included.


Artist's statement:

While studying Architecture Design in college I channeled my creativity into structures. Usually, I would grab a pencil and layout lines on drafting paper. Now, I grab colored pencils and let my colorful imagination dance across a white sheet of paper.

Close to five years ago, I moved to California from Seoul, South Korea. Living here, I feel privileged to see the phenomenal beauty of nature and live among people who care about preserving it. When I visited Sequoia National Park for the first time, the beauty of the park left me speechless. The size of the trees, their width and height, was astonishing.

Lately, the pandemic, extreme weather and climate change have reminded me that we are living on the edge of irreversible changes and we need to make real changes so that future generations can appreciate the same Sequoias and other Natural Wonders that we take for granted.

Sequoia Trees

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